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Services for International Patients

Onlıne Consulting

Health reports are transferred to and reviewed by Consultant Physician within shortest time possible.

Consultant Physician determines type of treatment, name of surgery, if required, and length of hospital stay (in days) in detail and gives details on cost of treatment.

Insurance Operations

International insurance companies are contacted.

Visa Operations and Invitation Letter

Visa procedures are facilitated and counseling services are available

Interpreting Services

An interpreter is assigned, if requested or required.

After all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are concluded, workup sheets and medical reports are delivered to patient in Turkish, English, German, Russian or Arabic

Hospital Hostess Service

A patient consultant is assigned for each patient in order to accompany her/him.

Transfer and Accommodation Organizations

Admission date is jointly determined and flight tickets and hotel (3-, 4- or 5-star) are organized, if requested.

Patients and relatives are welcome at the airport.

How can I get detailed information?

Please e-mail us at [email protected] for detailed information about our hospital and country. Your e-mail will be responded within one business day.

Moreover, please call us at +90 444 77 44.

What is the scope of services rendered by International Patient Department?

International Patient Department will organize all procedures you will have in Turkey on behalf of you. We offer you most affordable hotel (3-, 4- and 5-star) or house for rent to ensure best accommodation means, before you travel to our country. You will have free-of-charge transfers (hospital, airport, hotel etc.) in our country in VIP vehicles. An interpreter who has good command in your native language and knows your culture well will accompany you, starting when you step in Turkey, until your treatment is completed in order to make you experience a smooth medical treatment process. You will be able to visit your doctor at the day and time you request, without need to wait in the line. All medical and examination reports are translated into the language you request, before you are discharged. In addition, your travel requests are organized by this department.




Does treatment in Turkey provide a cost advantage?

Turkey is advantageous for both qualified work force and postoperative care and good hygienic conditions. Those advantages are supplemented by state-of-the-art medical devices at our hospital, and all those advantages are offered at an affordable price.

May I have information about my doctor?

If you contact us before you arrive to our country, we can e-mail curriculum vitae of your doctor and his/her success rate in prior surgeries.

How will I organize visa procedures?

For the patient and companion, our team issues an invitation letter, which also informs Turkish Consulate about the requirement, and organizes all procedures on behalf of Yaşam Hospitals Group.


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