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ASV Life Hospital
Gebizli Mah.1116 Sok. No:4 Muratpaşa/ANTALYA
Tel: +90 242 212 0777


The sixth ring of the chain of the Life Hospitals Group  which has completed the 21 years of service, the Mediterranean Health Foundation Life Hospital of 250 bed capacity located in the center of Antalya has opened.

A 26.400 m2 surface area equipped with the latest technology and the most modern devices includes 61 polyclinics rooms, 9 operating rooms, 46 adult intensive care units, 2 negative pressure respiratory isolation intensive care units, 23 neonatal intensive care units, 2 delivery rooms, all kinds of medical diagnostic and therapy units for all branches.

Designed and structured as a smart building, Antalya’s and Mediterrnean region’s  equipped with the most advanced medical technological infrastructure  ,  3 Tes 48 Channels MR etc. high-level technological devices are found;  the Mediterranean Health Foundation Life Hospital which aims to  provide quality medical service suitable for the needs of time  has begun to accept patients.